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Oct 12, 2012 5:00am PDT
solyndra. irs attorneys filed papers this week claims the plan's purpose is tax avoidance. >>> two celebrities topping new list, not an honor they like. on the list of top tax evaders in california. according to the state franchise boordy beyond warwick and steven seagal are money the top five owing the most unpaid taxes. warwick who now lives in new jersey owes california 2 1/2 million dollars. segal the actor only owes a fraction of that, $350,000. >>> black friday the big shopping day after thanksgiving could be messy for the world's biggest retailer wal-mart workers are threatening to strike black friday one of the biggest shopping days of the year. the threat comes a day after dozens of employees in 12 states launched a strike against the company. the strikers are trying organize a union and they accuse wal-mart of blocking their effort and retaliating by firing union organizers. >>> if you have been watching sue you know this is true, seems like traffic in san francisco is getting slower. you are right. according to latest index san francisco is the second most conjested u.s.
Oct 6, 2012 5:00am PDT
to go to the game, they will buy a lot of food and beverage, which sales tax will come to the city of oakland. we think it's an economy issue also. >> they say they have 52,000 followers on their facebook page. a's manager said they have no plans to remove the tarps for the division playoffs. >> the mayors of cincinnati and san francisco have placed a friendly wager on the game tonight. edwards lee and mark mallory from cincinnati will bet, benefiting the youth sports programs. larry beil brings us up-to-date with the morning sports report. >> good morning. here's the problem with the one-game playoff. you play 162 games to get one chance. and an umpire blows a call that kills you. it happened in the braves-cardinals game last night. in atlanta former president jimmy carter enjoying the action. you like this. molina with a drive to right. jason heyward fighting the sun, back to the wall and makes the catch! spectacular concentration. top of the sixth, former a, matt holliday, solo homer off of kris medlen. 4-2, cardinals. meltdown in the eighth. pete going out on this pop-up. holid
Oct 9, 2012 5:00am PDT
of them. the city is considering a one cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks. >>> next, 10 months after a domestic violence incident, suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi could learn his fate today. >>> fitness and fuel efficiency. the new connection between your weight and how much gas you pump into yo
Oct 11, 2012 5:00am PDT
taxes on conservative policies. some say his extensive knowledge of the budget and economy because of his 14 years in congress will help him with that. ryan says biden has more experience on the big stage. >> i know how he will come and attack us. the problem he has is, he has barack obama's record he has to run on. >> i don't want to say anything into the debate that is not accurate. >> reporter: that was joe biden in iowa last week he hasn't said much about the debate recently. again, he's the one tasked with breathing life back into the democratic ticket after last week's presidential -- first presidential debate. watch the debate tonight live right here on abc 7 at 6:00. katie marzullo. >>> when the debate gets underway president obama will be returning from a campaign trip to florida after spending time in ohio this week. the president will leave the white house this afternoon and travel to courtroom gables where he will speak to sue -- travel to core roll gables where he will speak to supporters. -- mitt romney moves his campaign from ohio to north carolina today, staffers sa
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4